Bale Wrap

Maple Leaf
Trouble free wrapping on both round and square bales, consistent quality and compatible for use with all types of bale wrappers. Maple Leaf has built-in protection against the potentially harmful effects of UV radiation in even the hottest climates. Excellent tack provides a superior seal for all of your silage bales.
·         Canadian made and internationally respected – used throughout the world
·         High tack plus high puncture and tear resistance
·         Guaranteed to withstand the harshest climates
·         Made to international quality standards for extreme conditions

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Balewrap – Ultra 5
Ultra5™ uses new special resin technology to give you just the right balance of high UV protection, outstanding puncture resistance, excellent cling, and trouble free performance.

Ultra5™ is the perfect film to wrap dry hay and straw square bales.The dry sharp stems are no problem, neither are the pulling forces that occur during the high speed wrapping process. With Ultra5™, you get a tightly wrapped, trouble free bale every time. And our, “balanced cling”, ensures each overlapping layer of film will remain intact during weather extremes.

Ultra5™ delivers exceptional quality at a competitive price. You get what you pay for-consistent quality and consistent performance–every time.

Ultra5™ utilizes special resin technology. We are able to do this because we utilize the 5 layers blown extrusion process, which allows us greater flexibility in working with the latest resins and technologies. We are not dependent on any 1 or 3- layer resin formulations.

Ultra5™ comes on plastic cores which never vary in quality, as they do not absorb moisture. The perfect combination for quality silage, and the perfect film for you!

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