Canuck Premium Netwrap (RKW)

Canuck Premium Netwrap: the quality you can rely on to wrap your bales tightly, securely and economically.  Years of experience go into every roll of Canuck Premium Netwrap as a result of RKW Film Division’s ( work with the baler manufacturers in developing netwrapped bales.  Canuck Premium Netwrap is easy to load into all types of netwrap round balers.  It is manufactured by the most modern technology in Germany and produced specifically for Canadian Hay & Silage Ltd. for Canadian farmers, ranchers and custom operators.

Canuck Premium Netwrap at a glance:

  • “Edge to Edge” performance
  • Guaranteed length
  • Guaranteed width
  • Directional roll markings
  • Ble end of the roll warning of 50 metres
  • Uniformly wound rolls
  • Roll support spacers for better stability during transport
  • All rolls come with reusable carrying handles
  • Netwrap is green
  • High protection against UV for trouble-free, outdoor storage
  • X-tra strength and tear resistance by use of “New Generation Technology (NGT)”
  • Increased core strength reducing the potential for damage
  • Manufacturer traceability – for ultimate quality insurance
Dimensions Rolls/pallet Colour Weight
48″ X 9480′ 16 White 80 pounds
51″ X 9480′ 16 White 87 pounds
64″ X 8000′ 16 Green 88 pounds
67″ x 8000′ 16 Green 92 pounds

Netwrap is made from porous material designed to shed water and permit greater air flow at the bale surface at a lesser cost than plastic wraps.  Netwrap is applied during baling and eliminates the need for twine.  Studies have shown that netwrap reduces grass hay DM losses by 32% compared to bales stored outside on the ground.  When comparing losses of bales stored outside, the netwrap is somewhat intermediate between twine-tied and plastic wrap.  Before ejection from the baler, netwrap requires two spins to wrap the netting compared to eight times required for twine.  Reduction in the stop time to wrap a bale offsets the higher cost of the net.  Total baling cost per bale for an efficiently run operation is about the same.

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